ANGEL HOURS COVER (We Meet Again…Book 2)

Angel Hours Cover CRI love the cover for Book 2 of We Meet Again….This is Welcome’s story and in set mostly in Greece. It is available as an ebook Amazon. I’d love to know what you think of it.

ANGEL HOURS is a romantic suspense filled with action, adventure, mystery, and humor.

Tired of living in a fishbowl, Welcome Venable is giving up modeling, has sold her Paris Agency, and is moving home to her Texas ranch. She has one last modeling job to do with her friend Meri Gabrey (from DREAM OF ME) in Greece–plus she’s promised her CIA friend to deliver a package to a man in Athens. Before she has even boarded the plane, strange things start happening.

A car almost runs her down, but she’s saved by a man who disappears before she can thank him. And things get worse after she lands in Athens and witnesses a murder and has to run for her life–saved again by the brawny guy who seems to be acting as her guardian angel. Except that Ward Morgan is no angel. Nor is he in Athens. He’s a veteran pro quarterback trying to hang on to his job in Los Angeles.

They’re half a world away from each other and only meet in haunting, powerful dreams. But that’s about to change when they come together in the place where, centuries before, it all began, where love first blossomed and promises were vowed . . . and broken. The attraction between them is soul-deep and undeniable, but can Welcome once more trust him with her heart . . . and with her life?