DREAM OF ME e-book available on Amazon!

1A DREAM PYRAMIDS - cover with RITA bannerAfter a long hiatus, I’m back with a book that’s dear to my heart. It’s one that I sold twice (now that’s a story) and have brought out as an e-book. It’s currently only available on Amazon Kindle, but it will also be on other venues soon. I’ll let you know when.

Dream of Me is a cross-genre book, a light paranormal romance (reincarnation, soulmates) with strong romantic-suspense elements as well as action/adventure, humor, and a terrific cast of characters. Sensual.

Meri Vaughn, a photographer with a fledgling business in Houston, is thrilled to have been awarded the bid for the Egyptian Horus Hotels brochures. She has always had a burning desire to visit Egypt. (Maybe it’s because she was conceived between the paws of the Sphinx when her parents were college students on an archeological dig.) She is there to work, of course, but she wants to do some sight-seeing in Cairo before her business partner/brochure model arrives. In a teeming rabbit-warren of a bazaar, Meri is examining a magnificent gold necklace when she first spots him—the man of her dreams. Literally. And, let me tell you, she is shocked. He’d been showing up in her dreams since she was a teen-ager. Tall, dark, and handsome, he has mesmerizing blue eyes, and he is real! (Or is he?) Seeing him in the flesh (or not) creeps her out big time, so she ducks out of the bazaar in a hurry.

Later she is rocking along on a camel going to see the pyramids and the Sphinx when the beast runs away with her and heads lickity-split into the desert. And guess who shows up to save her? You got it. The tall blue-eyed hunk. He seems obsessed with Meri, and veeery strange things happened to her head (and her body) when he’s around. Is it the heat? Dehydration? Madness? Still, despite her best intentions, she seems drawn to him as well. Who could resist that glorious man for long? The magnificent necklace keeps showing up, too—usually around her neck. Soon she is being pursued up and down the Nile by not only the irresistible Ramson Gabrey but also a bunch of less desirable characters as well. Who are these people? And what about the body in the closet?




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