Savannah Smith was on the run until Vince Turbo cooled off, which she hoped was soon. Right now he was royally pissed at her and had threatened all sorts of bloody revenge after she’d flown away in his sweet twin engine Beechcraft. Not an uncommon occurrence in her line of work. She was often on the run from some angry deadbeat. She was a repo woman—of airplanes, not cars—and Turbo had been seriously behind in his payments. Now she was headed into territory where most of the repo guys were too lily-livered to venture these days, but she had a few tricks up her sleeve, plus she’d needed to make herself scarce for a while—and she needed the extra bonus this job would bring in. Savannah figured she’d be in and out of Tres Lunas in a couple of days. Piece of cake. But she hadn’t counted on running into Ben Favor, a hot Texas rogue who stuck to her like sand-hill grassburs and suddenly complicated her job and her whole life.

Did she mention that the tall, handsome rancher was hot? Seriously hot?

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