Sorry folks, but LIFE keeps interfering with the publication of ROGUE FEVER. (I’m sure everybody understands LIFE complications.) I’m trying my very best to have it available on Amazon before the end of August. Fingers crossed everybody!





Here’s a little hint to whet your appetite for what will be a great adventure and romance starring Savannah Smith and Ben Favor! (Ben’s the friend of pawnbroker Spider Webb from STEP INTO MY PARLOR, and Ben sold the bull, Matt Dillon, to Need Chisholm of ONE TOUGH TEXAN.)

Savannah stays on the run in her line of work as an airplane repo woman, and although she’s a tolerant sort, she hates chickens, ducks, geese, and all kinds of fowl. But how can she hate Elvis? Convoluted hint I know, but it’s a clue of things to come. It’s worth the wait.

One thought on “DELAYS!

  1. Thank you for the update. I have been checking Amazon almost every day for the book.
    Sorry about any inconvenience LIFE brought, if that was the problem…
    Take care,

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