This is the latest (# 3) of the Women on the Run series. And this is the cover I’ve come up with for it. I’d like your comments. Does it capture your interest? There is still time for a tweak or two, so let me know.

This story is a little different from the earlier two in the series. Remember Ben Favor who, through pawnbroker Spider Webb (Step into my Parlor #1), sold the bull, Matt Dillon, to his friend and ex-rodeo cowboy Need Chisholm (One Tough Texan #2)? Ben is the man that Samantha Smith runs into. Sam’s on the run, too, but she thrives on danger. Before it’s over, Ben and Samantha are both on the run. It has lots of love, laughter, sizzle, and adventure–and a woman on a mission.

I’m hoping to have ROGUE FEVER up as an eBook by the end of this month. Fingers crossed!


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