ALWAYS FRIDAY is one of my favorite books, but it isn’t selling as well as most of my other ebooks. I love the purple cover with the peacock earrings (as well as the designer who created it), but now I don’t think it conveys the idea that this is a humorous contemporary romance–or even a romance at all. What do you think? I’ve come up with another cover for the story, which I think conveys the playful adventure and the love, laughter, and a little sizzle notion as well as the Galveston, Texas, setting. I call the new one “Feet.” (I’m already thinking I should move the title down a smidgen closer to his toes.)

Should I change the cover? I appreciate your input!

You can click on AMAZON to read the blurb for it. Hey, while we’re at it, could the blurb use some punching up? Luckily, my son is a creative director with an ad agency. Maybe I could get him to help revamp it. And If you have any ideas on any of my stuff, I’m all ears and open to suggestion. You can teach an old dog new tricks.

Thanks, y’all!




  1. Hi Jan.

    You’re right—the current cover doesn’t signify genre at all, unfortunately. You get that it’s a book of interest primarily to women (background color, floral elements in background, text color, and the earrings), but it doesn’t tell you it’s a romance.

    Some specifics:

    1. I don’t get what the grey stripe at the top is about — except perhaps the pic’s not tall enough?

    2. You probably should include the Rita Award somewhere on the cover.

    3. I don’t get what the grey blob running into the L & W is.

    4. The text colors — all of them — don’t feel like they’re integrated into the cover enough. I get that you use your name in yellow on many of your covers, but these colors feel like the “websafe” colors of old, back when the palette was limited to 16 colors.

    5. I prefer the title font on the older cover, and like the way the first line’s left aligned and the second is right-aligned. You had a clear margin (5%?) around the text elements that worked nicely. The new version has the title text closer on the left than it is on the right, so it looks unbalanced.

    • Thanks, Deirdre, for your input. I understand your issue w/the gray stuff at the top. It came w/the photo. It’s a hazy horizon and a blurred boat. LOL Wish I had access to the orange font. Unfortunately, I don’t. I love that wonderfully unusual font. I’ll play around with Feet some more. I’m certainly open to color suggestions, but I’ve seen so many “lovely” fonts and font colors lately that blend into the background that I often go with a more “in your face” option.

  2. Hi Jan
    Yes I agree – I like the new one better. I would definitely lower the title and put the Award winning… bit on it. I like the font and the color too.
    As for the blurb – sounds okay. I’m hopeless at blurbs so not the one to ask :)

  3. The fun font looks like blue highway. And I think that’s a free font. Also you can upload an image at whatdafont and find out what it is. I am gonna be crazy and say id love to see (cuter toes) maybe cartoon feet in the sand with the purple and earrings…..

    • On the “free” font issue, please be sure that you’re reading the licensing for the fonts. A free font is often free for personal usage, but not commercial usage. The commercial license isn’t usually too expensive so it’s absolutely worth making sure you have the rights to put that font on your book.

  4. I have no idea what genre the purple cover is…but the “Feet” (love that title) one is clearly some sort of romance. I even like the gray at the top..ominous clouds, signaling relationship problems, maybe? Go for it!

  5. Yes, you should change the cover. The purple with the earrings looks stuffy and old fashioned, in my opinion. The one on the right looks fresh and fun.

  6. I do like the newer one as it does convey a lighter tone. Just don’t forget to have the ‘RITA award winning author’ on it somewhere as that tends to draw people in as well.

  7. Hi,
    I like the new cover, too, but I would put the RITA award on it and lower a little bit the title, so the blurred boat should be seen. You have colorful characters in the book, the treasure etc etc, maybe some of this should appear on the cover, also, like a far away treasure chest on the beach or the blurred boat should be a pirate one, something more intriguing. This is a humorous romance, and the cover I think should show this.
    I enjoyed this book as all the others, thank you for putting them in e-format, can’t wait for the next one,

  8. Thanks for the great suggestions, Adela! I’ve also been playing with a cover for ROGUE FEVER. It should be out on Amazon in the next month or so.

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