Hi y’all! For my most recent ebooks, check out the post below (November). You’ll notice that I have two new series beginning. Both BIG AND BRIGHT (The Berringer Brothers) and SUNNY SAYS (Struck by Lightning) are the first books of trilogies.

I’ve been busy working on the cover for the second book in the Struck by Lightning series. This story, HOT STREAK, stars Sunny Larkin’s brother Neil, a biomedical researcher, who shows up on a park bench in New Orleans just outside the bakery that Amy Jordan is managing temporarily. He’s at a low spot in his life and badly in need of a sympathetic ear–and Amy is a former social worker with an enormous heart. Neil, like his sister Sunny, has some special gifts as a result of being hit by a lightning bolt as a child. He stays on to help Amy with the bakery and rebuild his life. Lots and love and laughter (and some sizzle).

What do you think of the cover? I wanted it to be in the same flavor as SUNNY SAYS. Look for it after Christmas (or maybe before) exclusively on Amazon Kindle.

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