Geologist Max Strahan¬†has lost her job and is about to lose her house. When she’s offered a generous sum to locate water on a dry site in the Texas Hill Country, she jumps at the chance. After all, she learned to witch for water at her grandfather’s knee. If there was water on that rocky hill, she’d find it.¬†Piece of cake.

She hadn’t counted on meeting a certain tall, handsome, charmer determined to romance and win her. Sam Garrett knew the minute he saw her that Max was perfect for him, the woman of his dreams, and no power on earth was going to stop him from having her. But could he respect her secret–that she’s a water witch with an oil-sniffing Doberman? And can Max overcome her past to give him a chance? The chemistry between them ignites a cauldron of passion, but is there room for Sam in her own dreams? You’ll find lots of love and laughter and a few colorful characters as these two strong people struggle with finding love and a future together.

3 thoughts on “WATER WITCH ON KINDLE!

  1. Hello Jan

    I was wondering if you would republish in ebook format two of my all time favorites, Dream of Me and Angel Hours…..I can only read on my Kindle so I can enlarge the print really really big….old age and diabetes…sigh…but it doesn’t keep me from reading..I would appreciate knowing if I could look forward to getting these two books in ebook format…I have been slowly purchasing your other books that are now in ebook form…and love meeting old friends again…thank you so much…..a long time fan..Teri Gomez

  2. Hi, Teri. I love Dream of Me and Angel Hours, too. I don’t have the rights back to those yet, but that’s on my “to do” list. You’ve prompted me to write now and ask. I’m also hoping to get back a couple of other favorites. I’ll let you know when I hear something.


  3. Thanks so much, Jan…..I have to say that being able to read your books in ebook format is a total delight…I love the way you mix humor with suspense and mystery….and the quirkiness of your characters stay with readers….I look forward to getting Dream of Me and Angel Hours once you get the rights to them back. You could email me directly at cynseer004@att.net if you would like.. Thank you so much! Teri

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