ALWAYS FRIDAY is one of my favorite books, but it isn’t selling as well as most of my other ebooks. I love the purple cover with the peacock earrings (as well as the designer who created it), but now I don’t think it conveys the idea that this is a humorous contemporary romance–or even a romance at all. What do you think? I’ve come up with another cover for the story, which I think conveys the playful adventure and the love, laughter, and a little sizzle notion as well as the Galveston, Texas, setting. I call the new one “Feet.” (I’m already thinking I should move the title down a smidgen closer to his toes.)

Should I change the cover? I appreciate your input!

You can click on AMAZON to read the blurb for it. Hey, while we’re at it, could the blurb use some punching up? Luckily, my son is a creative director with an ad agency. Maybe I could get him to help revamp it. And If you have any ideas on any of my stuff, I’m all ears and open to suggestion. You can teach an old dog new tricks.

Thanks, y’all!