My latest ebook, the third of the Berringer Brothers Series, should be up soon–as soon as I learn how to manage my new computer program. I’ll eventually get the hang of it. My high school geometry teacher used to say that I sometimes went by way of China to get to the neighboring town, but I always got there. LOL

What do you think of the cover? Any feedback welcome. It’s not too late to change. The hardest part is selecting the stock photos from thousands of options. I used five separate photos to make this one. (That doesn’t include the fonts.) I picked the guy because he looks sort of like Hugh Jackman and fits my book’s character. I’ve already spotted a couple of boo-boos. Anything jump out at you?

The previous two series covers are below.



I’m working on the formatting and cover for the third book in The Berringer Brothers series. I’m planning to have it up in a week or so. It’s about the twins’ older brother and is a sort of a segue into the next books which will feature women on the run…and the men they run into.