New Alexa Bourne e-book coming soon!


If you love all things Scottish, as I do, you’ll love Carry Me Home,¬†Alexa Bourne‘s new Tease (a short read)¬†from Decadent Publishing. It’s rare that a book actually brings me to tears and even more rare that I can both laugh and cry in the same book, but this deeply moving story of a couple on the verge of ending their marriage did just that. Mary MacDougall returns to Glenhalish, her hometown, with divorce papers in hand and determined to get Jamie, her brawny, red-haired Scot to sign them. Even though the sight of him awakens powerful feelings and his touch…well, she’s convinced that their marriage is over, and she wants to be done with it and get on with her new start in Edinburgh. But Jamie, stubborn man that he is, refuses to let go of the love of his life and begs for a weekend to prove that they can work things out. Can he prove that he can change? Can they overcome the pain of the past and rekindle their soul-deep love for each other?

This is a must read!