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I’ve Been Busy!

Two new ebooks, both the first of a series, are now available online. Both are from my classic Bantam Loveswept backlist, revamped and updated. I hope you’ll check them out. Even if you don’t have a Kindle, Nook, Apple, Kobo, or other eReader device, you can download free apps from most of these sources and read them on your computer or some phones. (I can’t imagine reading on my iphone, but some folks do it.) Best of all, these books are a bargain for hours of enjoyment. Let me tell you about BIG AND BRIGHT and SUNNY SAYS –-and check them out on Kindle or Nook to read the first several pages to see if you like it before you buy. What a deal! They both have lots of love, laughter, and sizzle. 

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Amazon Kindle

B&N Nook

A romantic comedy featuring the first of three Berringer brothers (Texas Ranger Holt) and with just enough suspense to up the action. Sensual.

Cory Bright planned to stay in Austin,Texas, just long enough to dispose of the perfumery she’d inherited before she headed to California and a big time ad agency job. With her hair in home perm rollers and a terrible craving for a Moon Pie, she made a quick dash to the store down the street. Who knew that so much could happen in five minutes? There was one Moon Pie left in the box; she and a tall hunk in a white hat reached for it at the same time–and she didn’t intend to let go…until a couple of robbers burst into the store and bullets started flying. And wouldn’t you know that she was the only person who got a good look at the bad guy who escaped? And wouldn’t you know that a reporter plastered her name and gosh-awful photo on the front page of the paper for all the town–and the robber–to see? When the robber’s nasty threats came, wouldn’t you know Texas Ranger Holt Berringer (the white-hatted hunk) was determined to appoint himself Cory’s protector? Not that she minded too much. He was, after all, a real hottie. But she hadn’t counted on the chemistry between them being potent enough to blow off the roof–and a big hole in her plans.

 *    *    *

Sorry but SUNNY SAYS is only available from Amazon Kindle at this time. It’s the first of a series, Struck by Lightning. Sunny Larkin, an older brother, and her cousin were under a tree that was struck by lightning when they were kids. All of them were changed and ended up with special “gifts.” Sunny could predict the weather. . . and she was never wrong.

A different kind of bolt hit her again when, dangling out a fourth story window by a puny mini-blind cord, she looked up into the eyes of Kale Hoaglin, TV network stud and heir to KRIP, the good news station in Corpus Christi, Texas, where she worked. The minute he grabbed her hand and hauled her inside, Kale could almost smell the ozone and feel the air crackle as he pulled the fresh-faced slip of a weather reporter against him. This cute little blond was too young, too naive for a jaded correspondent whose work took him to the cesspools and battlegrounds of the world. As soon as he got this station back on track, he’d be gone.

But maybe he’d underestimated Sunny–her abilities and the power of her heart and her dreams.