Geologist Max Strahan has lost her job and is about to lose her house. When she’s offered a generous sum to locate water on a dry site in the Texas Hill Country, she jumps at the chance. After all, she learned to witch for water at her grandfather’s knee. If there was water on that rocky hill, she’d find it. Piece of cake.

She hadn’t counted on meeting a certain tall, handsome, charmer determined to romance and win her. Sam Garrett knew the minute he saw her that Max was perfect for him, the woman of his dreams, and no power on earth was going to stop him from having her. But could he respect her secret–that she’s a water witch with an oil-sniffing Doberman? And can Max overcome her past to give him a chance? The chemistry between them ignites a cauldron of passion, but is there room for Sam in her own dreams? You’ll find lots of love and laughter and a few colorful characters as these two strong people struggle with finding love and a future together.

Ebooks Live!

Great news, everybody! After a lot of years writing romance for a variety of publishers, I’ve embarked on a self-publishing venture. Some of the earliest books I wrote were for the old Bantam Loveswept line. I adored those books (as did lots of readers), and since I have the rights back to them, I decided to update them, add new covers and a bargain price, and make them available as ebooks. Here are the first three. They’re available on Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, and Smashwords for a variety of ereaders and apps.

Check them out!

To take you directly to Kindle or Nook to read an exerpt or buy, click either ON KINDLE or ON NOOK after the blurb of each book.

I’ve planned THE BERRINGER BROTHERS TRILOGY next: BIG AND BRIGHT, CALL ME SIN, and SLIGHTLY SHADY. Any old favorites you’d like to see next? Let me know!