These are the e-book covers that my adorable Lori Wade (an ad agency art director) designed for my first three Author Revised Editions of Classic Loveswepts. (More will be coming in the months ahead.) I wanted something different, contemporary, playful, and colorful that would show up well in thumbnails as well as larger sizes. She gave me exactly what I wanted–and more. What do you think? Can you spot the little thread that runs through them, the “branding”? They’ll be up on various e-book venues soon.  Stay posted for details.

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Geologist Max Strahan has lost her job and is about to lose her house. When she’s offered a generous sum to locate water on a dry site in the Texas Hill Country, she jumps at the chance. After all, she learned to witch for water at her grandfather’s knee. If there was water on that rocky hill, she’d find it. Piece of cake.

She hadn’t counted on meeting a certain tall, handsome, charmer determined to romance and win her. Sam Garrett knew the minute he saw her that Max was perfect for him, the woman of his dreams, and no power on earth was going to stop him from having her. But could he respect her secret–that she’s a water witch with an oil-sniffing Doberman? And can Max overcome her past to give him a chance? The chemistry between them ignites a cauldron of passion, but is there room for Sam in her own dreams? You’ll find lots of love and laughter and a few colorful characters as these two strong people struggle with finding love and a future together.  WATER WITCH ON KINDLE for $.99

And speaking of colorful characters… there is a houseful of them in this story. Daniel Friday has come to Galveston determined to discover why his grandmother has moved from her exclusive retirement facility into an aging mansion with a bunch of kooks, including the off-beat Tess Cameron. Even more confusing is why was Dan, a workaholic CEO, so drawn to this tall free-spirit with the warm, bubbling laughter?

When circumstances conspire to keep Dan in Galveston, he finds himself lulled by the laid-back lifestyle of the old town and falling head over heels in love with Tess. And she with him. Even the talk of joining in the hunt for privateer Jean Laffite’s buried treasure seems less strange than he would have imagined. Can the siren song of Tess’s bagpipe and the sweet whisper of her lips lure him from the mountain of family responsibilities he’s determined to fulfill? Or is it time for him to cut loose and live the life that he always dreamed of?  ALWAYS FRIDAY ON KINDLE —  ON NOOK  $2.99


Chris Ponder was a tough little cookie, tough enough to drive a tow truck in Houston on the weekends to help support herself and her 18 year old stepson. But the young widow was in for some surprises when she stopped to tow Nick Russo’s car and found herself waiting in a club filled with screaming women and scantily clad young men dancing for them. And holy g-string! Who was that tall kid she spotted on the stage swiveling his hips in a little-bitty Viking getup?

What was the impeccably dressed Nick Russo, mulit-millionaire businessman, doing in such a sleazy place? And why did her insides turn to tapioca when he gave her the once over with his bedroom eyes? He was way out of her league, and she’d been badly burned by a charming rascal before. Uh-uh. No way was she getting involved with him. But when he seduced her on a quiet night with his own dance just for her. . .


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