ALWAYS FRIDAY is one of my favorite books, but it isn’t selling as well as most of my other ebooks. I love the purple cover with the peacock earrings (as well as the designer who created it), but now I don’t think it conveys the idea that this is a humorous contemporary romance–or even a romance at all. What do you think? I’ve come up with another cover for the story, which I think conveys the playful adventure and the love, laughter, and a little sizzle notion as well as the Galveston, Texas, setting. I call the new one “Feet.” (I’m already thinking I should move the title down a smidgen closer to his toes.)

Should I change the cover? I appreciate your input!

You can click on AMAZON to read the blurb for it. Hey, while we’re at it, could the blurb use some punching up? Luckily, my son is a creative director with an ad agency. Maybe I could get him to help revamp it. And If you have any ideas on any of my stuff, I’m all ears and open to suggestion. You can teach an old dog new tricks.

Thanks, y’all!




I was later getting ONE TOUGH TEXAN up than I’d hoped, but you know how life is–things get complicated and go awry. It’s on sale as an E-book at  Amazon only for now, as is the first book in the WOMEN ON THE RUN . . . and the men they run into series–STEP INTO MY PARLOR (a classic RITA AWARD winner). Scroll down to the previous post for an excerpt or read the sample on the Amazon page. (Did you know that you don’t have to have a Kindle to enjoy Amazon Kindle books? You can get a free APP from Amazon and download digital books to your computer or phone.)

Enjoy the fun, my friends!

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Step into My Parlor,the first book in the series:  AMAZON




ONE TOUGH TEXAN (Women on the run #2) will be out the week of March 10 (if not before). I was up until three this morning working on the new ebook cover. How do you like it? Need Chisholm is the man that Kate runs into when she’s on the run. Here’s my favorite opening line along with a bit more of the first scene:


The last thing Need Chisholm expected to see when he looked up from his beer was a naked lady. But there she stood in the doorway of the Ace in the Hole Saloon, backlit by the afternoon sun, a glowing nimbus outlining her considerable curves and long mane of tawny hair.

He wasn’t drunk enough yet to be seeing things, so he thumbed back his hat and squinted through his good eye. She was still there, looking as jumpy as a fox cornered in a henhouse as she scanned the room.

Need would have stood and tipped his hat like the proper gentleman his mama raised, but he figured that at the first sudden move, she’d cut and run.

“Nobody here but me,” he said. “Place is closed on Wednesdays, but come on in.”

Still skittish as a saddle-shy filly, she clomped a few steps closer. That’s when he noticed that she wasn’t quite naked. She wore a skimpy little string of what he supposed was the bottom of a beige bathing suit, a very small towel clutched over her breasts, and golf shoes that were at least five sizes too big.

“I–I need some help,” she said.

“Why? Lose your putter?”

She obviously didn’t see the humor in his question. The look she shot him could have welded his zipper shut. “I need to use the telephone.”

Not taking his gaze off the expanse of lovely tan, he nodded toward the wall where the pay phone was mounted. When she turned and walked toward it, the rear view was even better. Only a thin strip of fabric, which didn’t cover a damned thing, and her hair, which reached halfway down her back, marred the line of her lovely tan.

She reached for the phone, then drew her hand away. Her shoulders slumped and her head drooped. She sighed. He took another swig of beer and waited. After a moment she turned and clomped back toward him. She was one good-looking woman. Besides a damned fine body, she had a beautiful face, with high cheekbones, big brown eyes, and a mouth that wouldn’t quit.

“Could I please borrow a couple of quarters?”

“Sure thing.” He stood and fished in the pocket of his tight jeans for coins. When he handed them to her, he noticed that her hand was scratched and trembling. A bruise colored her cheekbone. “Anything else I can do?”

“Your shirt would be nice.”

“You got it.” He ripped open the snaps and shucked the blue chambray shirt as fast as he could. “Might be a little rank. I’ve been working outside.” He offered the garment to her.

“Honest sweat doesn’t bother me. Thank you. I–” She clamped her mouth shut, turned her back, and slipped on the shirt. She tossed the towel on the table and returned to the telephone, the cleats clunking on the wooden floor as she walked.

He picked up the small hand towel and studied the fringed blue terry cloth. TEE TIME was embroidered across one end. He took another swallow of beer and watched the woman as she made her call. She kept her back to him and her voice low.

He resettled his hat over his brows and concentrated on his drinking. The whole episode was damned strange, but he’d seen stranger in his day. And he, like most folks around this part of Texas–except his old man–had a penchant for minding his own business. Probably a surviving remnant of the code of the West.

“Intensive care?” she shrieked.

Need’s head went up.

“Bypass surgery?”

He frowned.

“Six -weeks! Oh, my God! No, no, no one else. I’ll call back.”

She hung up the phone but held on to the receiver for the longest time, her body sagging, her head bowed. After a few minutes she sucked in a deep breath and her backbone stiffened.

Need studied the label on his beer bottle, but he marked her position by the noise from the cleated clodhoppers on her feet. She headed back toward him. The chair across from him scraped away from the table. He glanced up as she sat down and propped her chin in her hands.

“Need to make another call?” he asked.

“There’s nobody else to call.”


“Nobody. Not a single solitary soul.” She heaved a big sigh. “This has been one hell of a day.”

He nodded. “Know the feeling. I’ve had one of those myself. I finally decided to just sit down and get drunk. Got a ways to go yet. Want to join me?”

“I’m not much of a drinker. Too much alcohol and I throw up before I get drunk. I would love something cold and wet, but all I’ve got is fifty cents.” She put his coins on the table and pushed them toward him.



Several years ago, when I was writing for the original Bantam Loveswept line, I was excited to learn that one of my books was a finalist for the Romance Writer’s of America RITA® Award. (This is akin to the Oscars and Edgars for romance writers.) I was thrilled, of course, because this book, STEP INTO MY PARLOR, was very special to me. Problem was, I had become seriously ill with something that not even the miracle doctors at Houston’s famed medical center could diagnose specifically. (And I had every test known to man for my odd collection of symptoms.) The summer was nearing and with it the RWA New Orleans conference and the gala awards night. I was getting worse and had zero stamina. I joked to my friends that I was going to New Orleans if I had to be carried on a stretcher.

Two weeks before the conference started, the rheumatologists came up with a long, vague diagnosis and started me on a miracle drug. I immediately began getting better. Though still not back to normal, I managed to make it to New Orleans. The afternoon of the awards ceremony, I was very tired and wondered if it was worth it to try to make it to the gala. I decided to nap and rest for a few hours, then see how I felt. When I awoke, I knew I’d been dreaming, but I couldn’t remember my dream. Still, I had a strong premonition that I must go to the ceremony because my book was going to win, and I was going to be okay. (For those of you who don’t know, I’ve spent many, many years working with dreams–see my non-fiction website for more details.)

Feeling totally confident, I put on my sequins and high heels and went to the big event. And sure enough, Spider Webb, the hero of STEP INTO MY PARLOR, and I won the RITA® Award for best short contemporary romance. I’ve been a finalist for many awards before and since (and won several of them), but that night was special. I’ll never forget it…and I lived.

I have the rights back to all the Loveswepts I wrote (as as as some from other publishers) and I’ve been publishing them (updated and with new covers) as ebooks. STEP INTO MY PARLOR is just out and available on Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook. I like the new cover so much better than the old one. Don’t you?

A woman on the run…and the man she runs into. Winner of a Romance Writers of America RITA® Award, STEP INTO MY PARLOR has it all–romance, suspense, and laugh-out-loud humor. Sensual.

 AMAZON KINDLE (E-book and original paperback)

BN NOOK (Original paperback — used)

What do you do when you’re in jeopardy and running for your life and your last hope lands you in Houston on a cold, windy night with only sixty-three cents to your name and a friend who doesn’t answer her phone? Anne Foxworth Jennings finds a pawnshop to hock her watch for food and a place to sleep. But instead of the safe haven she was looking for, she feels as if she’s fallen into a rabbit hole. The place is crammed full with a bizarre collection of items ranging from fine china to a riding lawn mower and from a stuffed monkey to a live, chatty myna bird. When Anne encounters the Pawn Parlor’s owner, Spider Webb, a rough-looking ex-pro football player who oozes sex-appeal designed to blister the polish on any woman’s toenails, she considers bolting. But to where? She’s at the end of her rope. And then things become dreadfully more complicated.

Is she crazy to cast her lot with Spider Webb? Can Anne trust a total stranger with her life?




My latest ebook, the third of the Berringer Brothers Series, should be up soon–as soon as I learn how to manage my new computer program. I’ll eventually get the hang of it. My high school geometry teacher used to say that I sometimes went by way of China to get to the neighboring town, but I always got there. LOL

What do you think of the cover? Any feedback welcome. It’s not too late to change. The hardest part is selecting the stock photos from thousands of options. I used five separate photos to make this one. (That doesn’t include the fonts.) I picked the guy because he looks sort of like Hugh Jackman and fits my book’s character. I’ve already spotted a couple of boo-boos. Anything jump out at you?

The previous two series covers are below.



I’m working on the formatting and cover for the third book in The Berringer Brothers series. I’m planning to have it up in a week or so. It’s about the twins’ older brother and is a sort of a segue into the next books which will feature women on the run…and the men they run into.


SWEET LAND OF LIBERTY, the 3rd book of the Struck by Lightning Series is only available on Amazon Kindle now, but it will be on other sites soon. Check back for a special promotion beginning 7/13/2013.



An RWA Golden Heart winner, this warm, humorous story features a heroine who, after being struck by lightning as a child, has remarkable abilities to communicate with nature (I kid you not) and a tough hero who is determined to win her heart.


Still fuming from the latest vicious threat by greedy lumber baron Rufus Caldwell, naturalist Liberty Bishop heads to Houston from her beloved home in the Big Thicket, an ecological wonder of East Texas. They’re butting heads big time over the habitat of a rare woodpecker. Caldwell intends to build a swanky golf resort there, but she’s determined to stop him! Only her best friend’s wedding could entice her away now. Plus, she’d scheduled a promotional talk about cooking with wild things.

From the minute attorney Brock Hardin spots Liberty tossing weeds and crawfish into a cook pot, he’s intrigued. She’s a rare woman who stirs his heart and his passion. Liberty is the one for him, and he pursues her relentlessly. Liberty has those same feelings stirring inside her, but of all things, he is a lawyer and she hates lawyers! But she can’t resist the lure of Brock’s whiskey-colored eyes and the electricity of his touch. Could he ever understand the magical world she lives in? Even her family has always thought she was nuts.

Fate has brought them together, but can their love endure when they find themselves on opposite sides of a fierce battle over everything she holds dear?