ANGEL HOURS COVER (We Meet Again…Book 2)

Angel Hours Cover CRI love the cover for Book 2 of We Meet Again….This is Welcome’s story and in set mostly in Greece. It is available as an ebook Amazon. I’d love to know what you think of it.

ANGEL HOURS is a romantic suspense filled with action, adventure, mystery, and humor.

Tired of living in a fishbowl, Welcome Venable is giving up modeling, has sold her Paris Agency, and is moving home to her Texas ranch. She has one last modeling job to do with her friend Meri Gabrey (from DREAM OF ME) in Greece–plus she’s promised her CIA friend to deliver a package to a man in Athens. Before she has even boarded the plane, strange things start happening.

A car almost runs her down, but she’s saved by a man who disappears before she can thank him. And things get worse after she lands in Athens and witnesses a murder and has to run for her life–saved again by the brawny guy who seems to be acting as her guardian angel. Except that Ward Morgan is no angel. Nor is he in Athens. He’s a veteran pro quarterback trying to hang on to his job in Los Angeles.

They’re half a world away from each other and only meet in haunting, powerful dreams. But that’s about to change when they come together in the place where, centuries before, it all began, where love first blossomed and promises were vowed . . . and broken. The attraction between them is soul-deep and undeniable, but can Welcome once more trust him with her heart . . . and with her life?

DREAM OF ME e-book available on Amazon!

1A DREAM PYRAMIDS - cover with RITA bannerAfter a long hiatus, I’m back with a book that’s dear to my heart. It’s one that I sold twice (now that’s a story) and have brought out as an e-book. It’s currently only available on Amazon Kindle, but it will also be on other venues soon. I’ll let you know when.

Dream of Me is a cross-genre book, a light paranormal romance (reincarnation, soulmates) with strong romantic-suspense elements as well as action/adventure, humor, and a terrific cast of characters. Sensual.

Meri Vaughn, a photographer with a fledgling business in Houston, is thrilled to have been awarded the bid for the Egyptian Horus Hotels brochures. She has always had a burning desire to visit Egypt. (Maybe it’s because she was conceived between the paws of the Sphinx when her parents were college students on an archeological dig.) She is there to work, of course, but she wants to do some sight-seeing in Cairo before her business partner/brochure model arrives. In a teeming rabbit-warren of a bazaar, Meri is examining a magnificent gold necklace when she first spots him—the man of her dreams. Literally. And, let me tell you, she is shocked. He’d been showing up in her dreams since she was a teen-ager. Tall, dark, and handsome, he has mesmerizing blue eyes, and he is real! (Or is he?) Seeing him in the flesh (or not) creeps her out big time, so she ducks out of the bazaar in a hurry.

Later she is rocking along on a camel going to see the pyramids and the Sphinx when the beast runs away with her and heads lickity-split into the desert. And guess who shows up to save her? You got it. The tall blue-eyed hunk. He seems obsessed with Meri, and veeery strange things happened to her head (and her body) when he’s around. Is it the heat? Dehydration? Madness? Still, despite her best intentions, she seems drawn to him as well. Who could resist that glorious man for long? The magnificent necklace keeps showing up, too—usually around her neck. Soon she is being pursued up and down the Nile by not only the irresistible Ramson Gabrey but also a bunch of less desirable characters as well. Who are these people? And what about the body in the closet?





It’s getting close to Thanksgiving and Christmas is coming up fast. Thinking of these holidays always means family and feasts to me. I was an only child and growing up we usually spent those days at my paternal grandmother’s house where there was always a crowd at her huge table (and later auxiliary tables for my cousins as they were born). The women would gather in the kitchen to make cornbread dressing with a dozen eggs and rich broth, along with chopped onions and celery and such, in a huge roaster. It smelled heavenly as it baked. And we always had sweet potatoes in one form or another–sometimes in several dishes. I still adore sweet potatoes. All my aunts and my mother would bring wonderful bowls and platters of food to add to the groaning table. (When I was older, I always made the potato salad.)

Our family has dwindled considerably through death and/or distance so that now only my husband, our only son, our only grandson and I sit at our groaning table. And it does groan during the holidays. I still make cornbread dressing. (Right now I’m boiling a big pot of chicken necks in canned broth and onions, celery, parsley, and bell pepper to strain and put the rich broth in the freezer for Thanksgiving dressing.)

Raw Sweet PotatoesI’ve made sweet potatoes many ways over the years, but when I hit upon my friend Margie’s scrumptious Sweet Potato Casserole fifteen or so years ago, I’ve never made another kind for the holidays. Here’s the recipe. It truly is scrumptious, and I always give Margie credit. I wish I had a picture to share and a way to pipe you the lovely fragrance of cinnamon and allspice and nutmeg and vanilla. Forget those dishes with the toasted marshmallows on top–though I suppose you can add them if you insist.


3 large (4-5 med.) sweet potatoes

1 ½ sticks butter or margarine

2 eggs

2 cups sugar

¾ cup flour

½ teaspoon cinnamon

½ teaspoon ground nutmeg (I like fresh ground best)

1 teaspoon ground allspice

1 teaspoon vanilla

¾ cup light brown sugar

¾ cup pecan pieces (or more to taste)

Pare and cut sweet potatoes into hunks. Cover with water and boil until fork tender.

Meanwhile preheat oven to 350°.  Butter or spray a casserole dish (I use a rectangular one about 7 X 12).

Drain and pour potatoes into large mixer bowl. Add one stick of butter to the hot potatoes and beat until smooth. Add the next 7 ingredients to the mixer and beat until incorporated, then pour into the casserole dish.

Melt the ½ stick of butter and pour over the top. Sprinkle the brown sugar over that, then the pecans.

Bake for about 30 minutes. Ah, Heaven. (Sometimes this takes a little longer to bake. Ready when the middle looks as done as the outsides–a bit puffy.)




1A Step into My Parlor - #2

A former RITA® Award winning romance starring woman on the run, Anne Foxworth Jennings, and Spider Webb, an ex-pro football player and current Houston pawn shop owner, in a story that reviewers called “A hot, funny, and exciting romantic adventure” and “one of my favorite books ever!”


Check out the updated author E-book on Amazon.



I’m starting November 2014 with something special. I’m adding 20 fabulous e-books to my digital library. (Actually there are 22 fabulous books. The listing for Laura Taylor is a Big and Bright Cover - Copyboxed set of three.)

My offering to the mix is BIG AND BRIGHT, Book 1 of the Berringer Brothers, a contemporary romance featuring Texas Ranger Holt Berringer and adwoman Cory Bright. It has enough suspense to keep things interesting as well as offering love, laughter and sizzle. The series started when a member of my writing group said, “Holt is so fine that it’s a shame there’s just one of him.” And voila! Holt’s twin brother Ross was born. And then, of course, I had to give their older brother a story as well.

In case you missed BIG AND BRIGHT, November 1st would be a good time to pick it up for a mere $.99. If you already have it, consider giving it to someone as an affordable but oh-so-thoughtful gift: an early Thanksgiving gift, a birthday gift, a thank you gift or “just thinking of you” gift.

Below are the books I’ll be buying November 1st. This list has books of all sizes including popular genres like romance, mystery, fantasy, suspense, paranormal, and historical. Wow. Not only will I be buying these books for my own reading pleasure, but at this price, I can gift several to my reading friends.

Yes, you got it. This diverse list includes books I know will score me points with friends who have birthdays in November or family members who will love reading the book over the long Thanksgiving weekend, for friends who are traveling in November and need a good book to read on the plane, and friends who will be cheered knowing I was thinking of them.  At 99 cents, each of these books will cost far less than a greeting card and a stamp, will arrive faster, and the joy of reading the book will last far longer.

The Amazon links are included below. Hope this gives you and your loved ones a happy Saturday and a fun start to November. Enjoy!

Kristy Tate Stuck With You
Jacqueline Diamond Calling All Glass Slippers
Michelle Knowlden Jack Fell Down
Susan R. Hughes Heart’s Desire
Louella Nelson Emerald Fortune
Shauna Roberts Claimed by the Enemy
Kathy Bennett A Deadly Denial
Kitty Bucholtz Unexpected Superhero
Michael H. Payne Neighbors
Angie Ray Ghost of My Dreams
Laura Taylor Love at the Beach (3 books)
Debra Salonen Judy Uncensored
Linda Carroll-Bradd The Ring That Binds
GVR Corcillo She Likes It Tough
Chris Marie Green Shadows Till Sunrise
Barbara McMahon The Bachelor’s Baby Promise
Donna Fasano The Single Daddy Club: Derrick
Adrianne Lee You Don’t Know Jack
Jan Hudson Big and Bright
Kathleen Creighton Demon Lover

* Credit for most of this great sale announcement belongs to the extra fabulous Michelle Knowlden. Thanks, MK!




Savannah Smith was on the run until Vince Turbo cooled off, which she hoped was soon. Right now he was royally pissed at her and had threatened all sorts of bloody revenge after she’d flown away in his sweet twin engine Beechcraft. Not an uncommon occurrence in her line of work. She was often on the run from some angry deadbeat. She was a repo woman—of airplanes, not cars—and Turbo had been seriously behind in his payments. Now she was headed into territory where most of the repo guys were too lily-livered to venture these days, but she had a few tricks up her sleeve, plus she’d needed to make herself scarce for a while—and she needed the extra bonus this job would bring in. Savannah figured she’d be in and out of Tres Lunas in a couple of days. Piece of cake. But she hadn’t counted on running into Ben Favor, a hot Texas rogue who stuck to her like sand-hill grassburs and suddenly complicated her job and her whole life.

Did she mention that the tall, handsome rancher was hot? Seriously hot?



Sorry folks, but LIFE keeps interfering with the publication of ROGUE FEVER. (I’m sure everybody understands LIFE complications.) I’m trying my very best to have it available on Amazon before the end of August. Fingers crossed everybody!





Here’s a little hint to whet your appetite for what will be a great adventure and romance starring Savannah Smith and Ben Favor! (Ben’s the friend of pawnbroker Spider Webb from STEP INTO MY PARLOR, and Ben sold the bull, Matt Dillon, to Need Chisholm of ONE TOUGH TEXAN.)

Savannah stays on the run in her line of work as an airplane repo woman, and although she’s a tolerant sort, she hates chickens, ducks, geese, and all kinds of fowl. But how can she hate Elvis? Convoluted hint I know, but it’s a clue of things to come. It’s worth the wait.


This is the latest (# 3) of the Women on the Run series. And this is the cover I’ve come up with for it. I’d like your comments. Does it capture your interest? There is still time for a tweak or two, so let me know.

This story is a little different from the earlier two in the series. Remember Ben Favor who, through pawnbroker Spider Webb (Step into my Parlor #1), sold the bull, Matt Dillon, to his friend and ex-rodeo cowboy Need Chisholm (One Tough Texan #2)? Ben is the man that Samantha Smith runs into. Sam’s on the run, too, but she thrives on danger. Before it’s over, Ben and Samantha are both on the run. It has lots of love, laughter, sizzle, and adventure–and a woman on a mission.

I’m hoping to have ROGUE FEVER up as an eBook by the end of this month. Fingers crossed!